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Good morning Gang. It's chilly here this morning. It's going to be a quiet day here. I've not felt good for a few days and just can't make myself go. I have a few small chores to do and then I'm going to sit on my rump. I'm getting tired of that...but what better to feel bad no w than next week when we are in Branson.

Found out yesterday that the kid will be joining us up there. Her Float the Buffalo trip didn't work out so she's doing to drive to Branson after her last final that morning and meet us somewhere for lunch after we get there. It's not too far from where she's at, so it won't be that much of a drive for her.

I was looking at zipling places last night. They have canopy tours there but I'm pretty sure that the kids don't have the money for that, so it's probably out. Well, and we have a small child with us. I doubt if we all want to zipline. I want to. Don't know if I should with a trapped nerve but I'm going to. I'm not telling. Ho ho. Anyway, I found a place that has something like it but it's called something else, can't remember, and it looks like they put you in a full body sling.

Anyway, have a good day all.
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