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This may sound like I'm being a picky whiner but I doubt I'll ever sail on the Norwegian Epic again. What is offered on the ships is some of the best dining and entertainment you can find at sea.

The reason I won't sail the Epic again is the layout and look of the ship. I can't get past how poorly the pool deck was designed, the traffic flow on Deck 6. Everything comes to a "choke point" just outside of O'Sheehans. It was ridiculous before or after shows. The last is the cabin layout. The "open bathroom" thing just bugged the heck out of me and the wave design was not my thing. Also, the cabin sizes are a joke. When I sailed on Epic our cabin was a "Large Family Balcony" cabin. It is now a mini-suite. The size was not "mini-suite" size, especially compared to NCL's other ships, and I found it quite cramped. Last but not least is the look of the ship. It has the Frankenstein front on it and is just plain ugly. We did a cruise two years ago on Carnival and the Epic was on the same itinerary. Everyone would laugh when they saw the ship. I would just cringe.

OK: That's my completely subjective and emotional reasons for not sailing Epic again.

Then again, if the price was right............................................. ....

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