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Originally Posted by Trip View Post
Iv'e been a long time Rivers fan, seeing her perform locally here, twice,and enjoyed her topical humor, but over the past few years she has cricled the drain in the crossing the line department.

I know what she said, and her reference to the room. She recently had Zendaya, a 17 year old Disney star fill in on her Fashion Police show. I thought to myself, she will temper her jokes a tad, because of this girls age, instead she almost seemed to ramp up the raunch,which this show is filled with in the guise of reporting on fashion. It's more like late night at Carolines Comedy Club, with a sprinkling of who wore what.

I am by no means a prude, and I can run with a topical joke with the best of them, but the line in the sand is getting pushed into the sea. JMHO.
I agree, and we all have the choice of who we tune in to see, or pay for show tickets for. I just think it is ridiculous that they would book someone this controversial and then fire her the first time she is in the news again. It was probably a very calculated move on her part to generate a news headline. ( No publicity is bad publicity ). It was not just an off the cuff remark.

Maybe they thought people would say "Yeah for Norwegian!" When they fired her. It just makes me say Norwegian....Doh!! What were you thinking?
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