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Default Glad you have insurance wait until you see next year's bill

Originally Posted by zydecocruiser View Post
And the republican numbers were pulled out from where?

Speaking for myself, I started to sign up in one state, never completed, and switched to a different state. I pay premiums in one state but the other was still sending premium notices for some time. I don't really see the need to waste money auditing something that is obviously good for the country.

What I do know is that I now have insurance and if not for President Obama, I wouldn't.
Right now the insurance companies are trying to wrap there arms around what the total numbers are so that they can establish the rates for next year. The early predictions are that the premiums will jump considerably. This is the reason that the administration wanted young healthy people in the program to pay the premiums and not make a demand on the health system.
Early indications are that the administration plan didn't work and they got a lot of older people who will put a significant demand on the health system.

The administration doesn't seem to be to interested in finding out who has paid premiums and what percentage of the persons joining insurance plans are young. I personally wonder if they are stonewalling.
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