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I wouldn't believe any politician but especially those with certain affiliations.

People who lost coverage lost substandard coverage. Besides, they were allowed to keep existing coverage for an extra year or two. First insurance needs to be available to all. That's how it is in civilized parts of the world.

Health care is yet another area where the US is the laughing stock of the rest of the world. They don't understand how some care so little for our citizens.

If the healthcare reform perfect? No, but if you take the republican stance, it wouldn't exist at all. It would be buried in committee after committee for years. If they had not deliberately tried to sabotage what the people wanted and what they voted for, it would have been better. Instead of trying to improve it, they think they can repeal it. They never will. It is here to stay.

On another note, as we all know, unemployment is steadily dropping and many companies offer benefits including group insurance. It is another reason why some would not make, or need to make, premium payments.

Group insurance is what we need for the entire country.
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