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Originally Posted by Ron View Post
Not sure about whether it's a chartered cruise for swingers or not--I hope Celebrity hasn't come to the point where they have to do this to stay afloat.
But, be that as it may, I for one would not in anyway go on any type cruise and share a cabin with a total stranger, be they male or female.
It would be like opening a large phone book and just pointing at someone's name and taking them--nope--not for me !
Lol! Who knows? I know Carnival had them in the past. One woman on another message board kept posting her "dress"( or lack of dress) in the "cruise fashion" forum. It must have been removed at least a dozen times. I am guessing she was banned more than once, as I saw different sign on names but same pix.

Other posters called her the "chain mail" outfit gal.
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