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Paul and I are both going on the January 3rd sailing.

Some entertainment opened up today for reservations. I was able to get Mamma Mia for a matinee show at 2PM, which will be a nice way to kill an afternoon at sea. I reserved some other show that is 45 minutes long named Sonic Odyssey for day 7 at 9pm. This conflicts a little with our dinner plans for that night (the Solarium Bistro "Devinly Decadent") which is scheduled from 7:15 to 9:15, assuming the dinner takes 2 full hours. I tried three times today to adjust the dinner time and when I got to the final submit button it locked up and wouldn't take the new reservation. I'll try again later.

They also have to unnamed entertainment selections to choose, and they are simply "#1" and "#2" so they have not finalized them yet.
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