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I've never been on a cruise before but I would really like to. I am not actually single (I have a boyfriend) but he is not interested in coming with me but is happy for me to go alone.

I'm a bit shy of going completely on my own so would like a travelling companion and someone to share a cabin with. I'm looking for:

* a lad
* gay or bi
* 18-40ish
* non smoker
* friendly
* fun
* considerate
* ideally living in London UK or at least the UK somewhere

In terms of area, I quite fancy the Caribbean for perhaps 8-12 days but I am open to other suggestions. I would prefer to go on a gay/bi cruise or at least a cruise with dedicated gay/bi entertainments. If anyone has a suggestion of a dedicated gay/bi singles cruising website and cruises that I could check out, do let me know.

I'd certainly want to chat for a while, ideally meet, before committing.

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