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Where is the information that this was a "nude" cruise? I did not see any mention of that in the article, maybe I missed it. And even if it was, I would not want to suggest that it could be a mitigating factor in this guy's decision to do what he did. To me, that is "blaming the victim". Same as when people try to blame the victim for wearing "sexy" clothing, making it her fault, not his. Maybe someday our society will get beyond this.

Rape is not an act of passion, it is an act of violence born out of anger and aggression toward women. The man admitted that this woman said something construed by him as being insulting. I have read elsewhere that he followed her about the ship afterward, wanting to confront her, but could not find an opportunity. So after seething for hours, he eventually hid on her balcony and waited. He definitely has some mental health issues.

After hearing about this months ago, I swore I would never go to sleep again with my balcony door open or unlocked. Just in case there is a serial killer in the next cabin. This point was brought home to me even more so on our recent Getaway cruise, when we found the balcony divider door open and swinging in the breeze. We tried to close it, but couldn't. Finally used an ink pen in the hole. Those doors close and OPEN quite easily with a pen. So anyone with a pen can access your balcony, and cabin, if your slider is unlocked. So, now I never leave the cabin without locking the sliding door. Never really bothered before.

I wonder if this accounts for the occasional report of a cell phone, laptop or whatever missing from a cabin. The steward usually gets the blame, unfortunately.
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