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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
As I recall, they used the word "swing" in the routine - tho I could be wrong.

Yeah, - in case you don't know a blue porch light is standard "swinger" sign for the neighbors. We have one right around the corner from us. Scary!
Yes, if he is not American he may not realize what that slang term means to us.

Hey, I am old enough to remember when gay meant happy before it became slang for homosexual. When I was a kid homosexual men were call "fairies" (I think because many acted feminine and sometimes also were transvestites which today it not true for the most part. I have met a lot of "he-man" gay men that I sure would have not known if they weren't "out of the closet.") which would be politically incorrect today as that term was a put down. I always felt "gay" was coined to counteract that term which was not so kind.
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