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Originally Posted by Dave Beers View Post
In other news reports about the crime it was identified as a Bare Necessities nudist charter cruise.
Ah. But I still say, are we going to say to the Judge or jury, "Well, you should cut the defendant some slack because, after all, the victim was on a Nude Cruise and was therefore fair game?" Not saying this is your way of thinking, but "just say'in".

I guess this touched a nerve because of the very recent case of Dallas Judge Jeanine Howard regarding a 14 year old female student raped by a 20 year old classmate. This is not a situation where a young adult and a minor were having consensual sex and he was charged with statutory rape. He confessed that it was indeed rape. Although the max sentence was up to 20 years, the judge gave him 5 years deferred adjudication Probation and 45 DAYS in jail for this rape. She cited the fact that the victim had been sexually active and even pregnant prior to the rape. She also, incredibly, ordered the man to do community service at a rape counseling center,, although she ordered NO counseling for the man himself.. She later recused herself from the case after the backlash from the public.
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