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Just remember, a large cruise ship with 2,000 plus passengers and assuming 2% are single equates to 40 singles on the ship.
Now, assume half are over 40 years of age, that leaves approximately 20 singles onboard the ship in the arena you may be interested.

Men rent a black tux for formal nights and woman wear a little black cocktail dress.
Acting with manners and not getting sloppy drunk is the upmost importance.

Get as many FREE photo's as possible posted on the photography boards.

When you board the ship, make sure you hold your left hand up showing no wedding ring! Sounds tacky, but you get your point across to everyone.
This is free advertising.

When your pic's start getting posted on the photo boards, move them to an eye level in one location & move other single pictures you find attractive to the same location on the boards, they will see you sooner or later. If you see a mom & daughter together or father & son together, this may not be your prime encounter. if you see two men or two woman PARTYING together in several pic's, then you need to investigate, get my drift.

Also, speak to the head maitre d when you 1st board the ship.
$20 may find your way to a preferred dining table, seating changes can be made, providing you take care of business upon boarding.

The night club after 10 PM should be a pit stop, the key is to go out and dance! If you are serious about having fun, learn to salsa the steps are easy and dancing is seductive.

The gym is also a neutral location to encounter select singles, providing you are in fairly decent shape, it is up to you to formally introduce yourself and remember names, even upon passing through out the cruise, always smile & pay a compliment addressing them by first name.

Point being, if you have 5 or 6 singles you have an interest in meeting, it is up to you to close the deal. All cruises are love boats, providing you have your own cabin.

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