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Congratulation on your anniversary! The Magic is one of my favorite and like Aerogirl mentioned, the steakhouse is very much worth the $35 pp surcharge. If you go on the first night of your cruise, they will give you a free bottle of wine---not sure if that is much of a benefit since you don't drink, but thought I mention it. The Italian restaurant has a surcharge for dinner, but is free during lunch. Red Frog Pub serves Caribbean inspired bar food and charges $3.33 per plate. It's not free, but almost. Tandoori bar is free, but feels more like an extension of Lido buffet. Otherwise the sandwich bar, pizza pirate, sea dog (hot dog), taste (appetizers) bar, and room service are all free. The Magic is due for dry dock/fun 2.0 upgrades early 2015, so there could be more options by the time you sail. Cost of soda is $1.95 per glass/can, $4.75 for virgin "mocktails" drinks. You can bring up to 12 cans of soda, bottle water or juice. $11.50 in tips added daily to your Sail and Sign account. But that number is higher if you factor in (discretionary) tipping, e.g., room service, bag handlers, etc. I'm a social drinker and my last "bill" for a seven day cruise on Carnival was $120.
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