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While I will agree that for some seniors purchasing travel insurance through the cruise line can definitely be a cheaper proposition, you really have to be careful of the various amounts of the coverage, as it may not be as much as you want or need. (Best price is not always best deal.) Plus, as with any insurance policy, you'll want to make sure it covers your specific situation. And lastly, you'll want to check out the actual insurance company that is underwriting the policy. Remember, it's not the cruise line that's providing the insurance - they are simply offering the policy from another company. So if you have a claim, you won't be contacting the cruise line, you'll have to get in touch with the insurance company directly.

Here's another post on here that can also provide some insight on the subject; Travel Insurance Advise Hawaii

As you can see, travel insurance is something most people recommend - rightfully so. But it can be a confusing issue since there are so many different companies and so many different policies from which to choose. And most travelers usually only have experience with one or two insurance companies while traveling once a year and most of them have luckily never had to file a claim, so their personal experiences are relatively limited. This is why it's so important to talk to your agent. Don't mean to keep repeating this, but an agent who has been doing this for a long time has a great deal of experience with various companies and know which ones they feel comfortable with after selling thousands of policies and assisting in many claims. It's very often not so much about the product itself, but the service after the fact when needed that defines how good a travel insurance company is.

And I'm not going to mention any names either pro or con, but the overwhelming majority of complaints come from people who purchased their insurance as a package while purchasing their airline tickets or cruise tickets instead of doing the insurance independently.

And another point, it should NEVER be difficult to get a copy of the entire policy before purchasing. If it is, then I would highly suggest looking at another policy. You never want to buy anything until you know exactly what you're getting.

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