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Talking Tips

Originally Posted by anniegb View Post

My initial reaction when I read your OP was surprise. I thought it was only the Brits who had issues with tipping

This subject was debated on another UK board and it is fair to say those who tipped received very good service and those who didn't tip - were kept waiting.

I know someone will say it shouldn't make a dfference whether you tip or not but it does.


As soon as I board the ship, I leave a phone message for my cabin Stewart to visit my cabin ASAP to pick up cash and cabin instructions.

Because I make special request, I let my cabin Stewart know that he/she will be compensated daily.

I normally request many items upon embarkation including and not limited to a cork-screw, mattress pad, freshly cleaned bed spread, extra hangers, extra bath towels, dark chocolates and not mike chocolates on pillows at evening pull down, I have delivered extra dry cleaning, laundry slips/bags.
I also arrange pick up for shoe shining/laundry in the mornings.

To answer the question, I don't tip! I pay and I pay well for the services rendered.

I do the same for the restaurant manager and head Matre d, I always get appetizer's & dishes not on the menu delivered the following evening.
I also have fresh grinded coffee delivered and not the liquid pre-mix that most of the cruise lines pour.

Bon Voyage
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