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I am a 47 - year old woman that loves to travel... a lot! Because of work issues my husband can't always join me.
I just came back from Rhodos (Greece) and before that I was in Jamaica. In july we go back to Jamaica and in november I go to Thailand.

I'm looking for a travel compagnon for a cruise leaving in january/february 2015.

Following you find the specifications of the trip.

Day 1 Flight Amsterdam - Mauritius
Day 2 Arrival Mauritius
Transfer airport - port
Port Louis ca.21:00
Day 3 On sea
Day 4 On sea
Day 5 Victoria (Seychellen) ca.9:00
Day 6 Victoria (Seychellen)
Day 7 Victoria (Seychellen) ca.13:00
Day 8 On sea
Day 9 Nosy Be (Madagaskar) ca.9:00 ca.19:00
Day 10 Diego Suarez (Madagaskar) ca.8:00 ca.18:00
Day 11 On sea
Day 12 Tamatave (Madagaskar) ca.8:00 ca.18:00
Day 13 On sea
Day 14 La Possession (La Réunion) ca.7:00 ca.19:00
Day 15 Port Louis ca.8:00
Day 16 Port Louis
Transfer port - airport
Flight Mauritius - Dubai
Day 17 Arrival Dubai
Transfer airport - hotel
Hotel : Towers Rotana hotel
Transfer hotel - airport
Flight Dubai - Amsterdam

If someone is interested in this cruise, coming from abroad and like to travel with me, I would/could be your guide to visit Belgium (Bruges, Brussels, Ghent and Antwerp) !

Do not hesitate to contact me!

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