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Default Computer Keyboards

I just noticed the number pad on a computer keyboard is opposite what it is on a telephone - where 1 is at the top instead of the bottom. Why?

I am one of the world's fastest two-fingers typists, but there certain things I would change about the layout of a keyboard because it would be easier - but even worse: I keep making the same errors and have to fix them constantly.

For example - Which do you use more, ? or / - so why is the ? a shift key? Which do you use more? [ or ( - so why didn't they put ( on a non-shift key?

But here is my nemesis - the effing ' sign. I keep hitting ; when I type a contraction and I can;t seem to stop doing it. I fix these 1000 times/day - and it;s making me insane....

Also - what is with the caps lock key? How often do we really need that compared to how often we have go back and retype entire paragraphs just because it was on by accident?
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