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If you are a touch typist then it really isn't a problem. The main keys are the same as they've always been.

I use to do a lot of programming and the old terminals and CRT had the standard keyboard. You get very familiar with the shift key, num lock, and PF, now F, keys.

The only thing that bothers me about a ten key pad on the right is that it offsets the rest of the keyboard. I want my keyboard and mouse at the center of the machine and not moved to the left. I get use to it in about five minutes.

Small keyboards bug me. My Asus netbook is my nemesis. The keys are too small for my fingers. The add-on keyboard for my Microsoft Surface Pro2 is just fine but I am not a good screen typist. Which may be a good thing because it keeps me from saying "too much" online when I use it. Like Donna, auto correct drives me crazy and has made for a few interesting posts.

I took one full year of typing in high school. My nephew once asked me what was the class, in high school, that helped me most in my career. My response was "A full year of typing." I wasn't joking. As a rookie computer operator, the ability to sit down at a terminal and type made the learning process so much easier. It also helped in programming and later with all the paperwork of an executive.

I hope your frustrations subside and you become acclimated to the keyboard.

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