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Exclamation Need some fast help about The Vision of the Seas

I have 3 questions about Vision of the Seas. This is our first Royal Caribbean cruise. We have taken 5 Princess cruises and wanted to try RCI. We are leaving on June 23rd for a 5 day Western Caribbean.

Question 1 : We had no clue that we were supposed to reserve show seats. Is this true and if so, is it going to be a nightmare when we try and see a show or what? This is making us uptight. We aren't used to show reservations.

Question 2: Are the beds comfortable? The beds on Princess are a nightmare. We have both have bad backs and we end up semi crippled from those beds. Last time I brought a heavy bed topper and that helped. But that was a HUGE hassle, as we had to pack a suitcase with that alone in it. OY. I would love to not have to drag that this time.

Question 3: I got a Royal Replenishment beverage package. It says PREMIUM coffees on there. Does that mean lattes? I hate the coffee on ships and REALLY enjoy my lattes. I hope they have soy lattes, since I cannot drink dairy. Almond milk would be a Godsend. (IF lattes are even included in that beverage package). God knows I have tried to get an answer to this and I get a different answer each time from RCI. I don't know if PREMIUM is different than SPECIALTY (which is not in this package).

Help you guys!!! We are clueless and are leaving to go out of town to FL in 4 days.
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