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Originally Posted by SueZ View Post
Question 1 : We had no clue that we were supposed to reserve show seats. Is this true and if so, is it going to be a nightmare when we try and see a show or what? This is making us uptight. We aren't used to show reservations.
As Donna says and I will as well, you DON'T need to on Vision of the Seas but on Oasis and Quantum Class ships you do.

Originally Posted by SueZ View Post
Question 2: Are the beds comfortable? The beds on Princess are a nightmare. We have both have bad backs and we end up semi crippled from those beds. Last time I brought a heavy bed topper and that helped. But that was a HUGE hassle, as we had to pack a suitcase with that alone in it. OY. I would love to not have to drag that this time.
The beds are wonderful and better than we have at home. I always sleep very well on board. I am a large gentleman and have back problems but these beds solve all that. Also a Spa treatment helps loads with back pain.

Originally Posted by SueZ View Post
Question 3: I got a Royal Replenishment beverage package. It says PREMIUM coffees on there. Does that mean lattes? I hate the coffee on ships and REALLY enjoy my lattes. I hope they have soy lattes, since I cannot drink dairy. Almond milk would be a Godsend. (IF lattes are even included in that beverage package). God knows I have tried to get an answer to this and I get a different answer each time from RCI. I don't know if PREMIUM is different than SPECIALTY (which is not in this package).
What this means is that you get the special coffees that cost extra in all the bars and restaurants for free. Its the Starbucks drinks but not in the Starbucks shop (they still charge for that but Vision didn't have Starbucks shop on board when I was on it in 2011.) So at meal times when you want a latte, you can for no extra charge or you get the bland plain coffee served instead. When you get on board, look at a drinks menu and it will show what is premium, speciality (normal cocktails or high priced drinks i.e. 15 year old Rum etc.) and normal.

Anything else just ask. I will monitor this thread and respond as quickly as possible for you.
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