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Default Deja vue the Mariel boatlift

Have you tried to get into and out of Canada lately. First getting into Canada is monitored by the RCM. Getting out of Canada you have to get through the Homeland security check. Now I don't mind these inspections because I figure they are necessary to stop contraband etc. from coming into the United States. I sit and watch television and I see that 48000 juveniles have entered into the United States. I have gone into Mexico and I merely had to walk across a bridge. I don't recall any police asking questions on either side of the Mexican border.

After seeing the news stories about 48000 juveniles getting into the United States, and then President Obama ordering the release of immigrant women into the United States while they awaited processing.

I wondered what is going on. Here is a president who uses executive orders and signing statements to use lawerly tactics to get around laws that he does not like but will expand his political base. This president is leaving his mark on America, and it isn't a positive one. Its a mark of cutting legal corners and not worrying about the American public's will.

Carter did this kind of stunt with the Mariel boatlift.
The exodus started to have negative political implications for U.S. president Jimmy Carter when it was discovered that a number of the exiles had been released from Cuban jails and mental health facilities.
How could a president be so dumb to allow convicts and mental health patients flow into the U.S. without checking their records.
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