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Welcome to our web site. I hope you will become a regular since we welcome the expertise of cruise agents, or if you are not very cruise experienced yet (It wasn't exactly clear in your post how many cruises you have actually taken) we are here to help people learn more about cruises.

Disney is a cruise line where the ship itself is the experience, more than the ports of call.

The Disney experience on the is mostly entertainment (not rides). They have great live shows and well as first run 3D movies in a 3D theater as nice as any you will find on land. Of course, every movie is Disney and there is no charge to see them. You could see 10 disney movies in full 3D in one cruise.

The stage shows are often the same as what you see in the theme parks - Alladin, for example, while other, (Wishes and Villians) were created just for the cruise ships as I recall. There are first-class productions, some of the best at sea and that is saying quite a lot.

Many of the Disney characters; Micky, Tinkerbell. Goofy.... are walking around the ship all the time, so you get picture opportunities.

There are many fun technological activities from the Imagineers: interactive video game floors where 16 people can all play one game at the same time, for example. There are also games where you read "painting" that "come to life" when you apporach them. You get a magic mirror that reveals clues you solve to "win" the game.

Kids are offered separate facilities by age; teens have their disco & pool, younger kids get those games plus arts & crafts, toddlers get their own areas and babies up to 36 months have a "nursery" with naptime & feeding available.

Adults have their own areas with gourmet food and exciting nightlife.

But the whole family comes together for the meals, which come with magical experiences. Go to the disney website and look these things up.

The bottom line is that Disney is not your average cruise line. It won't be populated by cruise enthusiasts. It will have Disney enthusiasts onboard.

I think the only person who might NOT have a great time on a Disney ship is some too old for the teen program and too young for the adult's. Someone aged 19-20.
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