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Default Newly Handicap Excited to Cruise!!

My husband is newly handicap and a cancer survivor x2 as of last year but we are not all that new to cruising.I am not new to Cruisemates, but it's been so long I've forgotten my old screen name. We are excited to have booked a Carnival cruise at nearby Port of Galveston as our Recovery and Relaxation Cruise. I understand that this is not a cruise that is recommended for quiet relaxation, according to the reviews but rather an active "party" cruise. Shrug. But it is nearby, and affordable! We have always been able to find a quiet spot away from the crowds and we are certain we will find the same on the Triumph. I bought FTTF so that we can use the time to check out the ship, map out the best wheelchair access etc.. We did not book a handicap access room but we are used to making do with what we have to do wherever we go. It's a vacation and it will be different and we understand that. It's not medically necessary to have all the comforts of home. As long as we can find a lounge chair in the sun by the water we will be happy.

If you have any little hints in regards to wheelchair access around the Triumph we would appreciate it. We will not be dining in the dining room as we are going totally relaxed, eating when we want, no make up, no dressing up. We have minimal needs.
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