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Originally Posted by thecruisequeen View Post
Bermuda is a beautiful place. Beautiful beaches, great shopping. To me Bermuda is more of a quiet relaxing place unlike the caribbean where there are many excursions and thinks to do.

People of Bermuda are very friendly and nice. Also a great transportation system to get around by bus.

Bermuda cruises do well because it is alot less expensive to cruise to Bermuda then hop on a plane and stay there. For a week in August flight and hotel (hamilton Princess) is $3,416. for two. Now one has to add food and drinks....and the food bill adds up real fast in the islands. That flight is just from Newark which is only 2 hours so depending where you are flight can be alot more.

Now do Bermuda by cruise for two it can be around $1,800. food included drinks extra. (airfare if needed) Summit and Breakaway dock for 3 full days Explorer docks for 2 days.
But, if someone wants Bermuda rather than paying to be at sea, the hotel stay breaks down to $488 a day. The cruise breaks down to $600 a day for your three days in Bermuda. I've spent two weeks on a land trip in Bermuda, it was fantastic. That experience cannot be replicated on a ship.
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