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Fellows - I think you are saying what many of us are thinking.

Cruising used to be about taking a somewhat small-sized vessel to destinations. The ship was nice, but also the shipboard experience was simple; good food, sunshine, long dinners, relaxation.... a cruise was an adventure on the water, not a floating amusement park.

But as they realized the economy of scale - getting more money out of packing more people onto a vessel - they also had to add reasons for more people to want to go on that cruise, and a lot of that was geared towards "family vacations"

So, many of the new ships include basically a lot of attractions for (being realistic) kids. From the Flo-Rider to ice skating, water slides, etc.... things just changed. Ships changed.

Also - with all of the new dining concepts; a cruise used to have a singular dining room that provided all of the great food you expected on a cruise by varying the menu every night. These days you have to "pick a restaurant" and pay a cover charge to have special dining.

Don;t get me wrong, the food is excellent on the vast majority of these special venues, but they have also gotten more expensive. The days when you looked forward to a great meal in the regular dining room every night are now limited to the more upscale and luxury cruise lines.

Big ships are floating amusement parks in many ways - and I have had fun on many of them, but it isn't the old-style cruising we all came to know and love.
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