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Yep, always love these specials. If you booked before them, you are usually paying a better rate than waiting until the special is offered, even with the 'perks' they're offering. (You really don't think they're going to give you something for nothing, do you? Almost always, they will raise the rate when offering a special in order to pay for the special.)

Had a client call me the other day and asked about a special being offered whereby they could get $100 onboard credit. Had to tell them that yes, they could get the special, but it would cost them $200 more to get it. Or they could simply give me the $200 and I'll give them $100 onboard credit. Needless to say, they chose to keep what they have.

If you don't believe what your TA is telling you, simply look on the Celebrity website and see what the going rates are and you'll find out for yourself, but they're definitely telling you like it is.

Best advice is to watch the rates after the special expires and see if they come down. If so, then get it and if not, you got the best deal.

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