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Originally Posted by Dhill View Post
I look at the prices every day just for the heck of it.The T.A told me the reason we got such a good rate compared to what the cruise line is charging is because the company bought a block of cabins. What we recieved was a 252p/p discount on a balcony room. At the time we booked the rate was 1969.08p/p.We also recieved $100 O.B.C and free shore excursion value of $75.00. The last time I looked balconys were going for( if I remember right and thats a big maybe) arond $2300.0.So the price might not get low enoughto recieve any perks .I dont know if we got a good deal or not and I guess it doesnt really matter it is what it is and were happy and thats what matters.They must be having trouble filling the balcony rooms beacause the last I looked it cost more to book an inside room than a balconyWell time to wonder off to the old salt mine for another day of fun Every one have a nice day and weekend take care

If you are checking, make sure you check for cabins of a higher category such as Concierge or Aqua. They may be cheaper now but as you get closer to final payment funny things can happen. Very often those cabins are cheaper than a simple veranda cabin. Be proactive it may pay off.

A few years ago I went from an inside to Aqua Class for $100pp over the inside cabin. My cruise to Alaska in August also saw us going from inside to AQ and getting drink package, free gratuities and OBC for a very minimal amount. Additionally, got an extra 25 Captains Club points over the regular ones I got for the cruise.

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