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The so-called lobster that most of the Mass Market cruise lines serve is not really lobster at all. These "Slipper Lobsters" as the purveyors call them, are distant cousins of the Lobsters that you see in North America, or the Langoustines you see in Europe and Asia.
These "lobsters" are mostly harvested in warm water of the coast of South America and then frozen for years before they get to the ships.
Even when fresh, these warm water animals are mealy and have a dirty taste to them.
After sitting is freezers for years, they are mushy and generally disgusting when finally eaten.
The cruise lines serve them because:
1. They are much cheaper than real lobster.
2. Like Bonnyprincecharliee, most cruisers don't know or care that they are not very good.
Currently we are paying around US$5 per pound for the slipper lobsters and around US$20 per pound for the real Maine lobsters.
On my 2,400 passenger ship, we serve around 10,000 lobster tails on the formal night dinner. If you owned the ship (and a dozen others), and most of your passengers did not know or care about the difference in quality, which would you buy and serve?
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