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Default Botched entertainment

I don't want this to be viewed as a gripe entry, but I had been thinking about couple of on cruise entertainment acts that went awry. The first was a unicyclists who was performing in a small bar area. the unicycle was roughly five foot high so when the operator lost his balance he had quite a fall. Fortunately he caught himself and the unicyle before it crashed into audience.
The second show was a mind reader who would be able to give audience volunteers their phone numbers after being introduced. The trick of the act became exposed when the mind reader could not get the information from his assistant offstage who did phone book searches. The act was caught short.

I really think these and other cruise entertainers are courageous people. On one cruise the entertainer selected a gentleman out of the audience and made a few
jokes. The supposedly went along with the jokes but after the show claimed that he had been discriminated against. Don't know what the outcome was.
Finally, the entertainer used bolos to entertain the audience. The gutsy part of this act was to get a volunteer to sit while he ruffled their hair with the bolos. This act was fraught with potential disaster. If the volunteer flinched
a nasty blow might be delivered by the bolo. However the volunteer in the show that I witnessed was a physician and came through the experience with his hair ruffled on both sides.
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