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Hello ladies...

I deleted many of the older, non-specific posts, but I do not want to delete them all as there might be someone from the past whom you wish to contact.

The "secret" to using this message board is to be SPECIFIC in using the name of the person (username they used to post) in your reply to that person. The people I see complaining the most about using the site are the people who don;t do the simple and logical things I suggested in the very first post.

When replying, say "To [username]" - then be specific about which cruise you want to discuss. Remember - the messages can be read by everyone. If you want to send a private message click on a username and select "send private message" - if you want to read your private messages - click on your own username in the upper right hand column.

Just to be clear - I know the name of this site is "CruiseMates" - but this whole "seeking cruise companion" idea just happened, it is not the reason we created the site. We have this message board as a courtesy to you, so please use it as much as you wish, but try to follow the guidelines.

Happy Cruising Ladies - of all ages.
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