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Originally Posted by kraken88 View Post
ha ha, the funniest thread i've seen thus far
Lol! True

I thought of something else. Swing dancing I think it is 40's dancing. A lot of people are into that and it has nothing to do with couples changing partners for the night.

I could easily see how a person not American, even if English is their first language could mean something entirely different if they are not familiar with our slang.

One of the funniest commercials I have ever seen was the British guy, hotel receptionist, who offers to 'knock her up" to the American woman meaning he would give her a wake up call.

I have no idea what that commercial was about, I just remember the punch line. They had another telling of Nixon "high -fiving a high ranking official from another country on a state visit. There that was equal to our "shooting the bird" here,lol!
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