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Originally Posted by Beermam42 View Post
Everyone who eats peas and Carrots will die!!!!

To those who say smoking causes cancer, then why are they not working on a cure? The key word is cause, they do not know. They do know that life style will contribute to it in some of our cases. But my urolgist told my I could smoke all i wanted there is not link to prostate cancer. The other 9 are linked so take that for what it is worth.
Believe what you want I guess. I am not saying your Dr. is wrong, he could be right about prostrate cancer. ( a cancer men over 50 are more apt to get, it seem to be one of those aging diseases)

Lung cancer is a whole different thing and so is kidney cancer. I have had relatives die of lung cancer, all were heavy smokers, my grandfather was only 40 and barely had his birthday 3 weeks before he passed, my uncle was 56. (My dad's father and brother) Kidney cancer is strong in my family too, and all of them were smokers. You may had a gene that makes you more apt to have it, but my doctor told me, non smokers with these bad genes have less risk of getting those cancers, if they are not around second hand smoke. I am 60 plus and no cancer, I also do not smoke, neither does my husband.

The same goes for breast cancer, yes women may have inherited the bad gene, but if they are smokers or around second hand smoke, this increases their risk significantly.

So you see, it is not only about you, if your wife/daughter has inherited those genes, you could be causing THEM to get these cancers at some time in the future.You could be shortening THEIR life span.

So the kind thing for you to do, if you must have tobacco, is simply chew it, then you really are not hurting anyone but yourself.
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