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Originally Posted by Truck Cruiser View Post
really sad! I was planning on booking a cruise on Carnival for February but now may reconsider. NCL will be getting all my business from now on as long as they don't change their smoking policy!
Yes, it looks like from viewing "that other" message board for Norwegian, many people are reporting canceling their Carnival cruise and rebooking with NCL. It has created a bit of an uproar there between the smokers and non smokers who are none too happy to see more smokers come aboard. I think I am correct in saying that Carnival and HAL are the same company? Did they assume all the disgruntled smokers would head on over to HAL instead? Wonder if the boards report any increase in rebookings there. And I also have to wonder, if they do have the same parent company, how long will it be before HAL follows suit? I would have been less surprised to have seen this announcement from HAL rather than Carnival to begin with.

And to the poster who stated that the smoke on a balcony does not linger long, it really does depend on the wind and location of the balcony. I think only once did we have any problem, but we apparently had a chain smoker(s) next to us who never left the balcony. It was very unpleasant to be on our balcony. If you are port or starboard and downwind as the ship goes forward, you will get the smoke of your neighbors blown onto your balcony. We love the aft facing cabins, one reason being the smoke tends to trail off behind the ship instead of drifting next door. I don't have any major respiratory conditions, but those who do can really be affected.
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