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Originally Posted by cheez330 View Post
I am looking for some advice from any crew members who work in an IT related field on board. I am a 25 yo IT guy from NJ, USA and really want to work in IT on a cruise ship.

How tough is it to get there jobs?

How many hours a week do you work?

Any Resume` suggestions?

Any other comments for me?

Since you are from the USA, there are a few basics to get out of the way first.
You need to have a valid passport.
You need to have a clean police record.
You cannot have any visible tattoos or piercings.
You must be able to pass a level 5 drug test to be hired.
During your contract (3 to 6 months), you will be subject to random drug and alcohol tests. Failing one of these tests means immediate termination.

Once onboard, alcohol consumption is very limited. Exceeding the limits gets you a one way plane ticket home - at your expense - very quickly.
Salary varies from line to line. You can expect to start at something like $3,500 per month.
Single cabin.
Your hours will vary dramatically from day to day - up to 13 hours per day.
There are no days off.
On many ships the IT Officer is a one man department. If you go ashore and a key system goes down, the Captain and your boss will not be very happy.
Many of the onboard systems are proprietary cruise hotel systems that are variations of land-based hotel systems. Having a working knowledge of Fidelio and Micros would be a good start.
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