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Originally Posted by Snoozeman View Post
Maybe someone will quit smoking? Maybe it will save a life?

There will be a nonsmoker that will now book a balcony for every smoker that cancels. That won't be a problem.

Well, as Ron stated in this thread, "I don't smoke, and if the other guy dies, that's his right if he/she chooses to do so". ( Yes, Ron, I now know it was a typo, but I read it and didn't blink an eye ), .

I doubt this balcony ban will deter anyone from smoking. They'll just move over to another cruise line as long as there is one available. No one quits until they make up their own minds to do so, like with any other addiction. I just hope there is not enough of an increase in smoking on my favorite line that it affects the experience for me as a non smoker.
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