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Well, Mike according to what Snoozeman says about Australia you're wrong !

Originally Posted by Mike M View Post
It makes no difference that you are traveling by cruise ship. If you get off the ship you will need a visa in a country that requires them. It may also be required to have all visas before initial boarding.

Check the State Department website and if a visa is required then it's your responsibility to obtain it. Last year we were on an Asian cruise aboard Millennium and there were a number of people who did not obtain visas for Bali and they were quite disappointed. You could get your Vietnam visa on board Millennium but not Bali.

Where multiple visas are involved I would contact your agent or cruise line and obtain the name of the visa service that they use and utilize them to obtain your visas. It costs but it's a lot less hassle. ZVS is the most common visa service.

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