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Post Direct means the plain will land before your final destination

Originally Posted by Donna View Post
Most of the time, I do have to fly in a day early whenever possible, but if not, I will only book direct flights. You just never know and I don't want to have a connecting flight, just for it to be late, which does happen often. Then there is the possibility of lost luggage then too.

Thanks for posting all that info.

The airlines have been using the misleading terms for years, now they are designing there web-sites to lead you to believe your not stopping on direct flight by not posting the lay-over on flight that don't require you to change aircraft.

Non stop flights are preferred and often cost more, frequent flyers trying to use reduced mileage rewards often don't have any access to non stop flights in many premium markets.

A "DIRECT" flight stops, you are referring to a "NON-STOP" flight.

Deception is part of the plan to sell out all the seats on every flight.
Understanding how the airlines are now displaying flight information on there web-sites.

I have encountered direct flights with departing & landing information only.
When I noticed a laps in time being posted online, I observed no lay-over destination for the aircraft on direct flights, unless the aircraft required changing to get to your final destination also referred to as EQUIPMENT CHANGE.

Simply put, if you are not on a non stop flight, you are landing before your final destination.
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