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So . . . let me give you a "second opinion" ;-)

I worked for RCI for a dozen years. On the 'mid sized' ships, we had 3 people. the larger (Freedom and Oasis class) there might be 4? I'd say 1 out of every 5 or 6 IT people were from the US. UK, India and eastern Europe are the norm. Tattoos on that line are OK (non-offensive, saw a lot of arms, legs and a bit of hands, back of neck).

The IT peeps do work some LONG hours - be prepared NEVER to get off on a turnaround day (keeping guest check in at the terminal going smoothly). Sea days are busy due to shops/bars POS machine issues. As far as shore leave - there is always a 'duty guy' left on the ship, not an issue when you have a bigger team. RCI IT people who are not the manager will be sharing. BUT - they are going to be nicer, outside cabins.

Here are some links for you - as far as breaking in, google every cruise line and look for their 'careers' site - also look at sites like monster or

Royal Caribbean job site
Royal Caribbean Shipboard Careers

In addition to the online headhunters, they use outside agencies or 'hiring partners' to screen - so here's the US one
Seven Seas Group : Home : Recruitment for jobs on cruise ships.

And I dug thru my old posts as I KNEW this topic has been covered but the search on this site wasn't bringing it up - a job description
IT Positions onboard

more RCI related sites
RCI/Azamara/Celebrity hiring websites

Good luck and post back here what happens - many people find this forum when looking for jobs on ships.
sz . . .
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