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Originally Posted by BernieG View Post
NCL and HAL will be next, they won't wait too long. So while you may move a cruise in the immediate future, resistence is futile, they'll all be like this soon.

Looks like you may be right! There is a hot and heavy rumor going that NCL will announce a balcony smoking ban on Wednesday of this week to be effective on November 1st. This was from someone who has inside info. Reportedly, smoking allowed in casino only, as long as you are gambling. I assume there would still be smoking areas on the open decks as before.

The rumor is substantiated by someone who had contacted a Corporate VP about NCL's policy and they were gotten back to by email with the info that the policy was under review and a decision would be made within two weeks. A few days later came the "inside info" announcement from someone else. Several people report that they have called NCL's customer service line, and the rumor was confirmed by them to be true.

Additionally, HAL is rumored to be making an announcement sometime next week.

If true, at least the playing field will be more level, and a huge influx of smokers will not deluge the last remaining balcony smoking allowed cruise line.
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