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These are just thoughts of mine and have no basis in fact, yet. My feeling is that a mainstream cruise line will go all the way and ban smoking altogether and it is not that far into the future. I have a feeling that the Princess will be the first to do so and others will follow soon after. These ideas have been with me for quite a while and I think could happen or it could be wishful thinking on my part.

They may do so and if that is the case, they will lose a LOT of business. It's one thing to go to a movie for a couple of hours or so and not smoke but to take a 7 day cruise and not smoke? Completely different. Many passengers also go cruising for the sake of the cruise and ship and not necessarily the port but if a cruiser went on a non-smoking ship I could see them helping to put down the gang plank so as to have a smoke as soon as their feet hit dry land.

Yes, I am a smoker and I enjoy cruising as well as my land based vacations. I don't really care about the smoking ban on the balcony as I rarely waste money on a balcony. But the minute they make the ship smoke free is the minute I stop cruising. I know that many feel the same which is why the casinos still allow smokers. It's all about money and it's one thing to make smoking a little difficult on a ship, the smoker may be inconvenienced but they are still there spending their money. It's quite s different thing to kill it completely on ship and most smokers will just say adios, something no cruise line wants.

Not saying you are incorrect, it may happen, but I don't think any cruise line is stupid enough to kill smoking on all of their ships.
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