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I think in a sense, you could say the cruise lines have a trickle down effect that helps generate many dollars in taxes.
Think first of all about getting to the port of departure--if you fly, you pay out the nose in various forms, give air lines business who purchase and maintain the planes, pay for fuel, gives employment to thousands who in turn pay taxes. And, we know that industry wide,, there are tens of thousands who fly to / from their departure port.So that part alone generates a lot of income for the politicians to spend.
Then those who drive spend money on hotels, food, gas, etc going and coming form the departure ports--you can bet the Gov. has it's fingers in those pies. Then too, how about all the on-shore jobs created by the cruise lines--those people spend money on food, homes, cars, gas, pay taxes , etc so again, the Gov. has it's fingers in another piece of pie. Then we can't forget all the tons of food, drinks and supplies that the cruise lines purchase and have delivered to the ship at each turn-around date
thereby creating jobs for those people who work and pay taxes and again, the Gov. has it's sticky fingers in all those pieces of the pie. Bottom line, when we say the cruise lines don't pay taxes, take away all the thousands of jobs they create and the millions of dollars in taxes the Gov. rakes in as a result of the cruise lines and see where it stands. Just a thought!
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