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Default I guess the answer is no Jersey casino workers would be interested

Originally Posted by Bruce Chafkin1 View Post
Sure they can.
First they must pass a drug test; then an alcohol test.
Then a physical exam.
They must have a clean police record.
They need to speak more than English and English louder.
They need a valid passport.
No piercings or visible tattoos allowed.
They must be willing to work up to 13 hours a day with no overtime.
No days off promised for 6 months; but there may be a few.
They must be willing to share a tiny cabin for 6 months with someone from another country.
They must be able to pass frequent random drug and alcohol tests.
If they have US Passports, the cruise lines will be very reluctant to hire them under any circumstances.
Great piece of information. You really pulled together a lot of info here.
I don't think many unemployed New Jersey casino employes would meet these requirments or want to work under the conditions outlined.
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