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Just this morning I got a cruise review from two couples who returned from an Avalon cruise last weekend. Their first river cruise was on Viking and when they were ready to book their next river cruise, they said they liked Viking but wanted something a bit more upscale, so I gave them the same list in order that I provided below. After looking at the websites and the prices, they decided to move up one step and wanted to give Avalon a try. Their review was very glowing and they said they definitely liked Avalon better than Viking. Of course, they also mentioned now they want to move up one more step and see what they next one has to offer.

That's the one good thing about cruising, there's something out there for everyone and half the fun is trying them all until you find one that matches your needs the best.

By the way, one of the cruise line companies I didn't put on the list (and there are many small ones out there) is A-Rosa. We got to tour one of their boats and it was wonderful. Would love to give them a try. They just started marketing to the No. American crowd and I haven't had a client book them yet, but from what I've seen, they look like they offer a wonderful product.

If only the money was there so we could try them all!

But they are a wonderful way to see Europe and once you go, you're hooked.

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