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The people who live that lifestyle are not the majority of the population, but just the loudest

I joined ships when I was in my early 40's and I am SO not party person. I found it easy to avoid that world by just saying 'no'. As you're joining Adventure Ocean staff, volunteer for the late night teen events so you're getting out of work and heading straight 'home'.

Also - this will depend on your roommate - if you get someone who likes to party, beware. You might get another YS, cruise staff, dancer or musician as a roommate (as you're in the same department) and hopefully that person is more like you. Cultivate friends on the ship who are into other social activities - i.e. movie, board game, computer help, quiet music, or wine & cheese nights.

All the RCI ships have some sort of non-smoking 'day room' - or you can use the crew mess after hours to sit quietly and read or internet. And BTW - load up a kindle or tablet with tons of books . . . though you can find friends onboard with massive music and ebook collections. Or lots of movies/games/apps on your laptop.

It'll be OK . . .

PS - on FB there a closed Adventure Ocean group - join and ask more questions there.
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