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Default Truffles on Celebrity. Sounds great.

Celebrity Chef John Sully with his 25 ounces of prized white truffles

Known as “the diamond of the kitchen,” white truffles are almost solely found in Piedmont, Italy and the season is short. They are hunted by man, aided by dogs trained to smell and discover the underground delicacy. White truffles are extremely rare and costly; only nature can produce them. Their flavor and aroma are nearly indescribable; think earthy - almost intoxicating. Thin shaved slices over any dish, like pasta – even morning eggs – transform such plates into heightened deliciousness.

For instance, if you went online to Williams-Sonoma today, you’d find an ounce of small white truffles costing $200.00. The larger the truffle size, the more you pay per ounce. (Suley bought 700 grams – nearly 25 ounces.)

So perhaps save your money and join a Celebrity Cruise instead. Chef Suley and his team are using the coveted fungi acquired at the auction for an exclusive dining event onboard Celebrity Equinox, during a 10-night Caribbean cruise departing on Friday, November 21, 2014, from Ft. Lauderdale.

In addition, truffle-themed dinners will be served on Celebrity ships for other select Caribbean sailings in late November and early December. Plus, when Chef Suley prepares a dinner at the James Beard Foundation’s iconic James Beard House in New York City on Monday, November 24, 2014, he will be using them in a special truffle-and-wine-pairing event.

Hmm, wild mushroom risotto crowned with shaved white truffles? Decadent desserts topped with white chocolate and truffle Chantilly cream? I am so there. At least, in my food-filled dreams.
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