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Originally Posted by sz View Post
Remember to search is forum (and my previous posts) about medicals.

Remember anything you put in your medical history has to be 'signed off on' or OK'd by the doctor as fixed, cured, or successfully under treatment.

I did a search in your posts and didn't find a post, but I'll look again when I'm not so tired.

I guess now that you say this I'm a little worried. I'm in great physical condition except for some pretty severe back pain I suffered for the past year. I received an MRI and I have signs of arthritis (yes at 23). I went through every possible procedure with mixed results and finally decided to give up because I was spending too much money.

At this point it only prevents me from lifting or bending in extreme situations, like more than I should be lifting anyways. As like as I am not sitting for great spans of time.

I'll make sure to look into this. Thanks.
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