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Default It's not impossible.

Everyone may say "it's impossible" or "a week isn't long enough to fall in love" but I can promise all of you it's definitely possible. 3 months ago I went on the Carnival Destiney as a spring break trip. I never had much fun on the past cruises because I had never met someone like this before. But the very first night I went into the teen club I saw him there. We began talking instantly and I knew we were going to have a special connection. We hung out every single night, each night getting better and better. We stayed up and never left each other's side until 3 AM almost every night. When the last night came, I was broken hearted. At 4:15 AM I gave him my last hug & kiss and we walked into different elevators. The last time I ever saw him in person was right before that elevator door shut. I could see my makeup smudged all over his shirt, I was crying harder than I ever had before. It was honestly one of the hardest things I've ever had to do in my life. We continued our relationship after we got off the ship for a month or so. However we live 8 hours apart. But after that month passed he decided it wouldn't work because we couldn't ever see each other. It broke my heart that he didn't want to continue on because we had plans to see each other in the beginning of May. But I had to respect what he wanted. And I could at least understand where he was coming from. Today, I still cry and wish I had him. It's been 3 months since I've last seen him but my heart is still in pieces. So for all of you that think it's impossible to fall in love in week, I promise you it's not. You just have to actually go through it before you could ever believe it.
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