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Default Re: Does Celebrity carry Franzia?

My wife and I always have wine with our evening meals, even at home, as we have a small wine celler. We also try to make the wine tasting class that they have onboard ship the first day or two, and get to taste about 5 or 6 new wines. You know, that's half the enjoyment of wine: there are literally tens of thousands of wines out there, and you can spend your whole lifetime tasting them, checking out new ones,etc. And don't give up because you found a few reds or whites you didn't like, because you can find the same thing in a different brand and it will please you immensely! It is a hobby of discovery, and you should always be on the hunt for new favorites. You just never know where you are going to run into one that is really good. You start out with one or two you like and then you find a 3rd. Then several months later, you find a 4th. Our local liquor stores have a free winetasting one evening a month, and the entire neighborhood turns out for them. Another good way to find another great wine! Keep searching and finding and enjoy! When you find a great one, be sure to tell your friends.
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