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Forget trying to take the iron. It will probably be confiscated. Fire hazard.

But you can probably request one as needed from your room steward, and then they will pick it up later.

As far as laundry services, a very long cruise could present a problem, but for the typical 7 to 10 day cruise, we have always been able to get by with what we can pack. Most cruise lines probably have laundry services for a fee. NCL charges $25 for quite a large bag stuffed full. The items are returned the next day, which seems very reasonable to me. They are doing sheets and towels for a few thousand people daily after all.

I remember a cruise way back in the day which had a self serve laundry. The place was jam packed. You had to stand in line for your turn at a washer, a long wait. Not a good use of cruise time. I'll just pack extra or pay the $25.
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