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I really enjoyed this ship, it's like a high end hotel, but, I did have two gripes. We were on a 3 day media cruise, when the ship debuted

We stayed in an aqua spa cabin, and the couch was very close to the closet, so getting to the farther side was quite a chore,and a pain. There was a bureau for storage, but for two ladies, it seemed minimal. We commented we were glad we were not on a longer cruise.. It seems every other cabin had this arrange to with the couch placement. Maybe with the bed placed there it would be easier....but storage for us was an issue..

My other complaint I thought was so odd, as there was a lack of punblic rest rooms, or oddly placed. The one by the theater,where there is usually a long line, was really quite small...we thought a man must have designed

I really enjoyed the restaurants,and the lawn space and the pool are is gorgeous! I would sail this class in a heartbeat, regardless of my initial reaction.

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